Slate as a material radiates elegance and beauty but those for sure aren’t the only things that make this material a perfect roofing material. Because of its durability slate has been used for centuries and its visual appeal made it appropriate for using it on monumental buildings. There are, however, disadvantages of this type of roof, they are minor considering all the good stuff this type of roofing can bring you but you still have to keep them in mind. To show you how they work and what are the pro’s and cons of this roof, we put together this article as a guide on a slate roof.


The most important point which we have to highlight is the durability of a slate roof. Slate is the absolute winner when it comes to lifetime span.  This type of roof can live up to 100 years which is almost impossible to believe, but it is quite true. This means it lasts double of what the usual roof can live up to.  This is because slate is a natural material and none of the man-made roof material can compete with that. Another property it has it that it is very low maintenance. Natural occurrences got nothing on slate. Firstly, it is waterproof. It will not absorb water but rather shed it off real easily. Secondly, it is fireproof and in the event of a fire it will protect your house of further or bigger damage. Not to mention that it reacts very well to temperature changes and the wind plus it is rarely affected by mold.  All this combined practically saves you thousands of dollar in a bank account and a lot of nerves. Except for the practical advantages, slate rooftops look amazing.  They always look polished and elegant, so they contribute and fit every type of architecture. It is widely appreciated to it also brings up the value of your home. It is not a rare case that it attracts buyers because of it visual appeal. As a cherry on top: it is completely eco-friendly!


Unfortunately, there are some imperfections about this type of roof ad material. To start off we will pay attention to the price. Putting up a slate roof means you will have to give out a lot of money on the material. But that won’t be enough because you will also have to pay big money for labor. Next off, even though slate is the most low maintenance roof there is a drawback. It breaks easily and repairing it is hard and complicated. When a few tiles are broken it is a hard quest to find replacement ones that fully resemble the rest of roof tiles. To finish off, installation of this type of is complicated and it takes a lot of time. All those good points can be forgotten if this roof isn’t properly installed but, fortunately, that is a rare case. For more information contact your favorite Atlanta roofing company