Since 1968 we brought up services to a whole ‘nother level. We tried hard and we managed to broad our services and created teams of professionals to  provide you a full-service civil and environmental engineering and constructing. All that you need regarding building your home is right here on We are a different company since we offer you a whole packet of services that will provide you with a safe home and community.


Our services include:

  • Bridge Engineering – prior to all the other services, bridge engineering was our focus and to this day we specialize in this area
  • Roofing construction in Atlanta– we guarantee you a good quality roof construction that will last you long and make your living in your house safe. Our knowledge and professionals will make sure that you have the right type of roof for the climate you live in and considering space you need
  • House construction- we take in consideration you surroundings and make sure that we build your house in a way you will not have to spend time constantly repairing it and fixing it due to damages caused by unquality construction of the house
  • Commercial construction- building a business building was, at first, a challenge for us and are managed to get a grip on it so today one of our main focuses is also commercial building.
  • Roof replacement- if your roof leaked or was damaged in a hurricane we will be happy to step in and help you get back to your daily routine without having to worry about your roof. We make sure we take all the steps needed to strengthen your roof and to protect it from damaging again
  • Construction Services in general
  • Site Engineering