Over Three Decades of Relationships

In 1968. was born, what we now proudly call ,JbTrible.com under the management of James B. Trimble who graduated from The Georgia university of technology in 1954. With a vision of we have today as our company.  We are proud to say that mr. Trimble served two years for our as a Lieutenant in the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers and worked for several well-established and appreciated  consulting firms before starting his own.

In the beginning firm was focused only on structural design including bridges,  schools, commercial and industrial facilities, tunnels,  buildings, tall steel stacks, communication towers, water and wastewater treatment plants, pump stations,  rustic camp facilities, retaining walls, and construction shoring.

Important turn points of operating include:

  • In June 1997, firm developed a plan concerning transportation engineering market. To this day, we continue to work and improve our strategies regarding this area. The expansion was inspired and assured with the addition of some well-experienced roadway and hydraulic design professionals.
  • In late 2000, we took a step forward in operating our business by opening a regional office in Birmingham, Alabama that is responsible for serving Alabama as well as Mississippi, Tennessee, and the Florida panhandle.
  • In August 2001 we were inspired to start an environmental services division to provide specialty services including community impact and environmental justice analysis and assessments, stormwater management, air quality analysis, and noise impact studies so we can advance our services while taking environment in consideration
  • May of 2002. what especially important for us since Georgia DOT selected JBTRIBLE.COM to provide turn-key engineering design for a 32 mile section of SR-133 from Albany to Moultrie in southwest Georgia
  • Because of our quality service and recognition of our hard work, expansion was needed.Wo when our key personnel stepped in, we began offering water and sewer engineering services out of our Birmingham office.

We have been in this business for years and throughout that time, our projects have required JBTrible.com roofing Atlanta  engineers to be a part of multi-disciplinary engineering teams as well as with architects and environmental process designers to create perfectly functioning constructions. To date, JbTrible.com has advised with more than 50 of the nation’s “Fortune 500” companies, numerous universities, and dozens of local government entities throughout the Southeastern United States.