Atlanta Roofing & General Construction Company is a company working towards a better future for you and your community. What started as trial bridge engineering project from Mr. Trible is today a chance for each individual to improve the quality of his life by changing his house resident. Our services include building your roof, repairing or replacing your roof, building your house and taking a close look on what type of materials should be used to fit your needs and surrounding the best. There are a lot of roof types and a lot of ways to construct and build your home or building and that can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming. Because we are professionals we will take every measure necessary to give you a safe and great looking home. Not only because of professionalism but because of the passion we have for our jobs, we do the best we can in the shortest time possible.

Why choose JBT for your roofing projects in Atlanta

Well, because we have a quite different approach to your problems and needs.

  • We do not go for money but reputation.
  • We do not go for popularity but for trust.
  • To do a successful business,we know that we need to accommodate to our clients and listen to them carefully.

This is why we try so hard to pick the right people to work in our company and to form a close relationship with our clients. Conversation is the key to satisfaction , this means that through conversation we,step by step, put your wishes and budget and our vision into reality. Years of experience taught us how to work with people to achieve the best results. Our main goal is securing your home and each of our past clients can assure you that we do that the best!

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Picking the best roofing contractor in Lawrenceville GA


We never fight the fact that there are countless things around the house that you can easily and quickly take care of on your own.  You do not need specific knowledge for, let’s say, fixing a few minor cracks on your roof shingles or filling in a small hole on your wall. We are confident you can deal with problems like that on your own and save money. However, there are certain components of your house that demand expert’s knowledge and skills.

One of those components is your roofing system. When it comes to problems related to your roof, the last thing you should do is try to fix it by yourself.  The roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It protects your possessions and your family members, so you should do anything to risk harming it even more. Except for that, working on your roof could be dangerous if you are not trained to do it. One wrong step and you could seriously injure yourself.

With that in mind, it is inevitable to call a professional. Roofing contractors are mainly trained to work on your roof. They know all details for a successful roof replacement or repair. From how to do it to how to move on the roof. They are also provided with appropriate equipment, and no improvising is needed.  Their tools make it easier for them to do various tasks on your roof.

It is crucial to hire a professional roofing contractor, someone reliable and someone you like. Although hiring seems like an easy procedure, there are several things to pay special attention to.  Half of the job is done if you choose the perfect contractor. As a roofing contractor in Lawrenceville  you not to completely push the idea of lowest-bidding contractor nor to accept the offer right away. Put everything on paper and do your research. It will make the process a lot easier in the future.


The first thing you should look in a potential roofing contractor is trust.  It is necessary for your contractor to be a person of confidence, someone you pass your roof knowing they will do an extraordinary job on it and secure your family for twenty years to come. Moreover, a real professional should be experienced to the point when they know how to act even in the most unexpected situations.  They should be able to provide you an excellent customer service; you should be able to ask any question you want and receive expert’s answer.  If you are hiring a company, be sure to check how its employees are educated. Always do a background check which means ask for all paperwork that guarantees you the reliability of the company. Feel free to ask for their license, TAX identification number or insurance. Even if someone seems extra honest and kind, never accept the offer without witnessing paperwork and documents needed.

It is best to ask you family and friends or coworkers if they have any recommendations.  You will get a first-hand experience confession.  After you get at least three candidates, search the web. We live in times when everything can be found online, and everything is transparent.  So search for references and reviews. Contact past clients who maybe weren’t satisfied. Do your research!

After you hired your contractor, put everything into a contractor. We truly mean everything- every detail and every estimate. It is the best way to ensure your wishes will be fulfilled and your contractor’s demands respected. Have some patience, and we are sure you will find the match roofing company or contractor for yourself and your property. Have a pleasant roofing process!

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How to prevent roof leaks


The most important part of your house is without thinking your roof. It’s simply essential. Why? Well, imagine your life without your roof. Isn’t that a catastrophe?  Roof secures our belongings and our whole home as well as our family members. If something goes wrong with your roof, there is a big possibility that it will go wrong with a lot of things inside the house like electricity, furniture, etc. That is why we lose our minds when something goes wrong with our roofing system.  The most often and most annoying thing that can happen is a roof leak. To be completely honest with you, we have a right to be mad because a roof leak can be very sneaky and the costs of repair can be very high. The worst thing about them it that they are very hard to identify on time.


Since we’ve been through the leaky roofs a lot, I learned a bit about them too. That is why we at JB Trimble Roofing have put up this article. We are going to go over the most often causes of roof leaks and why do they appear. That is how you will be able to identify them in time and prevent a big damage from happening.

The Cool Roofing Company | Quick Fix Roof Repair Contractor |Contact Us Today To Fix A Leaking Roof On Your Home In Atlanta, East Point, College Park, Forest Park, Lake City, Gresham Park, Mableton, Austell, Smyrna, Vinnigs, Brookhaven, Decatur, North Druid Hills, and Union City


For starters, age is one of the most often and most prominent causes of roof leaks. Let’s be real; roof replacement is expensive undertake. And it is a complex one. But as much as you want and try to escape that step, remind yourself that if a major leak appears you will be spending even more money. All your furniture will be ruined; all the gadgets, electricity will need to be fixed etc.  Isn’t it better to simply replace your old roof?

Missing shingles

If you suddenly find a shingle laying around your backyard, don’t ignore it. Also, don’t just pick it up and continue with whatever you were doing. Hop on the ladders and fix this problem as soon as you can. You can fix it easily by yourself; there is plenty step by step guides on how you can do it. Sometimes, people don’t even notice that a shingle is missing. They realize only when it is too late and the storm has already done its thing. Missing shingles shouldn’t be such a big problem; they can be easily fixed, the contractor can fix them too. The only annoying part is that you probably won’t find the exact color match. But hey, that’s better than having your kitchen flooded!


The ultimate way to improve the looks and value of your property is to add skylights. They are beautiful. However, skylights are sometimes contractor’s worst nightmare.  If you decide to go for this option, remember that skylights are very prone to leaking. If you don’t install them correctly, the rubber seal can wear off or dry and that can ruin the water barrier. Unfortunately, a replacement of skylight will cost you a lot so, once again, think before you install them.The Cool Roofing Company | Quick Fix Roof Repair Contractor |Contact Us Today To Fix A Leaking Roof On Your Home In Atlanta, East Point, College Park, Forest Park, Lake City, Gresham Park, Mableton, Austell, Smyrna, Vinnigs, Brookhaven, Decatur, North Druid Hills, and Union City


Just like mold or moss, holes are easy sneaky. They are extremely hard to notice but can do major damage regarding leaking. They are mostly a result of a storm or misplaced nails. Be sure to inspect your roof and to fix holes as soon as possible.


To conclude,  there is only that much advice I can give you. But there is someone who can tell your everything about roof leaks and who can be you companion if you are experiencing problems with your roofing system. By far the best roofing company have collaborated with is a roofing Atlanta company called The Cool Roofing Company .We assure you that their kindness and positive spirit will make any problem seem like nothing.

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Slate as a material radiates elegance and beauty but those for sure aren’t the only things that make this material a perfect roofing material. Because of its durability slate has been used for centuries and its visual appeal made it appropriate for using it on monumental buildings. There are, however, disadvantages of this type of roof, they are minor considering all the good stuff this type of roofing can bring you but you still have to keep them in mind. To show you how they work and what are the pro’s and cons of this roof, we put together this article as a guide on a slate roof.


The most important point which we have to highlight is the durability of a slate roof. Slate is the absolute winner when it comes to lifetime span.  This type of roof can live up to 100 years which is almost impossible to believe, but it is quite true. This means it lasts double of what the usual roof can live up to.  This is because slate is a natural material and none of the man-made roof material can compete with that. Another property it has it that it is very low maintenance. Natural occurrences got nothing on slate. Firstly, it is waterproof. It will not absorb water but rather shed it off real easily. Secondly, it is fireproof and in the event of a fire it will protect your house of further or bigger damage. Not to mention that it reacts very well to temperature changes and the wind plus it is rarely affected by mold.  All this combined practically saves you thousands of dollar in a bank account and a lot of nerves. Except for the practical advantages, slate rooftops look amazing.  They always look polished and elegant, so they contribute and fit every type of architecture. It is widely appreciated to it also brings up the value of your home. It is not a rare case that it attracts buyers because of it visual appeal. As a cherry on top: it is completely eco-friendly!


Unfortunately, there are some imperfections about this type of roof ad material. To start off we will pay attention to the price. Putting up a slate roof means you will have to give out a lot of money on the material. But that won’t be enough because you will also have to pay big money for labor. Next off, even though slate is the most low maintenance roof there is a drawback. It breaks easily and repairing it is hard and complicated. When a few tiles are broken it is a hard quest to find replacement ones that fully resemble the rest of roof tiles. To finish off, installation of this type of is complicated and it takes a lot of time. All those good points can be forgotten if this roof isn’t properly installed but, fortunately, that is a rare case. For more information contact your favorite Atlanta roofing company